BREAKING: Terminator Exodus to have gay Terminator


We just got word from the producer of the next Terminator movie in the reboot series, Terminator Exodus, that there will be a gay Terminator model introduced into the story line.  I think I have said before that I’m really getting tired of all these gay story lines being artificially interjected into my favorite SciFi movies.


According to Producer, David Ellison, shortly after Judgement Day as Skynet is attempting to eliminate the remaining survivors of the nuclear fallout, Skynet initiates a strategy to infiltrate the LGBT segment of survivors in the aftermath and constructs a new T-888 model Terminator that is programmed to believe it is gay.   To kill two birds with one stone, David decided to make this specific Terminator model’s outer organic skin black so it will also be the first African-American Terminator model as well.

Wearing a black leather biker jacket with an upside down rainbow on the back, the gay black Terminator tries to infiltrate a camp of human survivors that are believed to be part of the survivors from the LGBT community.  However, it falls in love with another T-888 and fails to inflict mass termination onto its intended targets.  Skynet ends up deleting issuing a remote self destruct signal while the T-888 is within close proximity to the LGBT camp thereby accomplishing its intended mission.  Then deletes all copies of the software it had developed for this unique, gay T-888, which is why you never hear about this particular model being mentioned in any of the other Terminator films.

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Yes, we are poking fun at the LGBT for artificially injecting their propaganda into the media.

Happy April Fools day!

Disclaimer:  The Terminator images used in this post were obtained and used under the Fair Use Act for comedic value…not to mention this is non-profit….so, in the famous lines of young John Connor…”eat me”.

Hasta Lavista, Baby!

I’ll be back…..

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