Say No To Wind Farm In Cumberland County TN

I am not a politician and I have seen a wind farm just like the one in the photo in Kansas just west of Kingman KS where my late wife was from. Each blade is about two city blocks long. When they are turning, they are not always producing power…they are USING power. The blades are so large and heavy that even the steady 25mph small breezes of Kansas cannot spin them up on its own.

So they consume almost as much power as they produce. Especially when that power is piped across a thousand miles of copper (hello Mr electrical resistance) to California. If you want something that looks like a large international airport combined with a large air force base worth of red blinking lights as far as the eye can see as your nightly view, then go right ahead and support this stupid idea of green energy.

There are studies of these wind farms in Europe that show that during parts of the year they consume more than they produce. I would vote against such. I would vote for another nuclear reactor or two being built in Spring Hill though…because they actually produce electricity and don’t depend on the weather (which is very finicky in TN) for how much power they will produce. Oh and they are not bald eagle choppers like the giant over glorified pinwheels.


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