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So you are bent out of shape because your personal hero, Ted Cruz, dropped out of the race leaving Donald Trump holding the bag unless the RNC decides to completely override things and ignore the voting process all together at the Electoral College level.

Well guess what?  The one I was voting for dropped out of the race way earlier than that.  Ben Carson was who I was supporting based upon his Pro-Life, conservative stance on things.  But you know what?  He wasn’t the man for the job.  Want to know why?  I had a colleague tell me why.  Because he is “a soft spoken man”.  We all know that Donald Trump is anything but “soft spoken”, so Donald Trump is the anti-Ben Carson in a sense.

Even though Ben Carson dropped out of the race early on, I didn’t start whining about it by saying I am not going to vote for anyone and just stay at home on election day.  I certainly don’t want another Democrat at the helm.  This nation simply won’t survive it.  It will either collapse financially or be invaded by a foreign government before Hillary dies of old age, but not before she enforces her agenda down everyone’s throats and we have church pastors being forced at gun point in an unarmed church performing marriage ceremonies for 40 year old transgender child molesters and five year old little boys as we finish erecting a temple to Baal in New York while there is a cookout outside where the main entree is grilled aborted fetus steak.  All of which will be held as American as apple pie while people wave all different kinds of foreign flags on our soil while burning American and Israeli flags.  Yes, that’s the America I envision if she becomes President.

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So I will vote for whoever has the chutzpah to stand against her and, proverbially, drive a nail straight through her head, pinning her to the losing board.  We know very factually, that any voice from the Lord that a President might possibly hear, she won’t hear any of it because she is too far wrapped up in her lies, extremely liberal agenda and get rich quick bribe schemes, all of which there is public evidence that she is guilty of yet no one seems to care enough to actually take legal action on.

Don’t get me wrong, Donald Trump has never been my first or second choice for President, but he has the chutzpah…and to be honest, he doesn’t need this….which means he is his own.  He has made comments hinting at some sort of form of Christian faith, but the fruit of his wealth, as with many wealthy individuals hints at something else.

I don’t know the guy personally, I only know of his name and what has been associated with his name.  But he has the momentum.  He has the finances and he really seems to legitimately want to make America great again.  You know, when downtown areas were erecting high rise buildings faster than you could keep up with.  When the American dollar actually was worth something and people were coming to this country to get medical treatments they couldn’t get in their socialistic/communist home lands.

We already tried the great socailism experiment in this world.  You know what it was called?  The United Soviet Socialists Republic (aka U.S.S.R.).  It was a kingdom that spread from Berlin Germany to the Bearing Straight and all the way down into North Korea, China, and beyond.  It was the largest single empire in the history of mankind…and guess what?  It doesn’t exist anymore.  There are only remnants because it fell apart like Rome in ancient times.  The same exact thing will happen to the U.S.A. on its present course.

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So get out and vote!

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