How Hillary Clinton’s own advertisement disqualifies her for President

Consider this was Trump’s very first debate and it was her 34th, according to the media. He did very well. She kind of sucked when you realize the contrast in their experiences on this sort of platform. Basically, all he has to do is not screw up and he will win. She has to overcome the fact that she has been in the administration in one form or another all her adult life….and still has nothing to show that would give anyone a reason to vote for her.

Even her own campaign ad is ridiculous and clearly demonstrates the issue of her life time in the administration. At first I thought it was an anti Clinton campaign because it was her from a very young age until now saying the same freaking thing over and over again like a broken record “I am for the children”. My response “Yeah and a lifetime later your still belching that dumb campaign slogan out because you haven’t done a damn thing.”  No, I didn’t say that, but I was thinking it.

But then lo and behold this was an ad that was supposed to make me want to vote for her. ROFL. That’s some serious comedic entertainment right there. I don’t see anyone who is cynical, sarcastic or analytical voting for her dumb butt even if they are a die hard Democrat, and there are a lot of us out there like that.  That leaves only one clear choice for President, Donald Trump.

I ripped a copy of this video from YouTube, just in case she has it pulled if a lot of noise about how it clearly illustrates her lifetime of campaigning for the same exact thing, and therefore demonstrates her non-accomplishment.  You can’t campaign over what you have accomplished like it is some bold new thing for an entire lifetime.  It would be like if your church pastor kept saying year after year that children are priority number one at your church, and year after year he keeps preaching that same message from the pulpit, but year after year, the church continues to have the same exact issues regarding lack of playground equipment, social strife and division, and funds intended for children being diverted to other areas.  See the issue here?  This video makes her look incompetent….and its her own ad!

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She has to do what liberals do all of the time. Ignore facts and pretend that she is winning. Because liberal logic says if you repeat a lie enough times you might actually convince people that it is the truth. That only works with the common sense challenged among us. Those paying attention will see it for what it is.

Ok, I was wrong, her and her husband have accomplished a lot in this nation.  I voted for Bill Clinton in his first term, so I don’t want to ignore their overwhelming accomplishments.  Watch the videos below to see a testimony of their legacy.



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