Preparing then waiting – if you build it they shall come – a multi-author Christian blog

I just obediently dropped about five hours of my time today into stream lining something on my blog. It isn’t even apparent and won’t be apparent even to those who visit my blog…lol.  It was some thing I needed to setup in order to comply with part of the vision for my blog.  You see, my blog isn’t to be all about me. is to be a multi-author Christian blog. That is what the Lord told me a year ago. So I began customizing it to make it accommodate multiple authors.

Now I can simply type in a name and an email address. It will automatically shoot out an email invite to someone with several links. A PDF document attachment, a username and a place to go to set their own password.  Once logged in, they will have detailed instructions on how to post articles on my site, but only as a contributor at first.  There are both articles and videos to accomplish this in a hidden section of my site just for authors, even some content that was news to me having posted things for over a year and a half now on this system.

This is a sort of training/initiating to get them use to the interface. This way they can be bumped up to an author and do some massive, SEO optimized, automatically distributed content publishing on the site.  The entire system is now complete from on-boarding authors to distribution of content.  The distribution of content I have had hammered out for a while now.  It was the on-boarding of new authors that wasn’t structured. Now it is setup for on-boarding authors in mass as well as distributing content in mass.  Why?  I have no idea.  I almost stopped about three hours ago to put things off for another day, but I didn’t.  I only have a couple of folks that I would have in mind to invite. The baseball stadium is completely built now and we can play some serious ball at any time. When it comes to Christian blogging and article distribution anyhow.

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