Shocking facts about the Hillary Clinton Campaign

Not only has Hillary Clinton’s campaign got the media generating propaganda about her but there is a far more insidious scheme going on in the online world!  People are being hired by the masses to troll the internet looking for Trump supporters to troll against and pretend to be Clinton supporters.  They don’t give a crap about Hillary Clinton, but they will pretend to for some fast cash.

Snopes has also been caught red handed lying for the liar of all liars, the queen beast of Satan herself, Hillary Rodham Clinton.  Yes, we have been fairly quiet about the election on this site, but I have been very vocal on Facebook and am about to post my rant from Facebook on here for all to see, so here goes.  What?  you’re saying I can’t do that because this is a ministry site?  Well guess what?  This is not a 501c3 so your ignorant logic is invalid so ha!  Prepare for some inflammatory remarks about the queen bee of the DNC.  Link to the above information at the bottom of this post.  BTW, you really want to know where this election is at voter wise?  Go no further than Facebook for your demographics.  Search for Hillary Clinton, go to her page and take a note of her page likes.  Then find Donald Trump’s official page and take a note of his page likes.  No one can argue that poll…because of a sampling of over 15 MILLION pollsters!!!!!!   10 Million for Trump and 5, yes half the number for Clinton!  Now, when is the liberal media going to break under the pressure of reality?  Now on to my facebook rant about the video below….

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There is so much she says that you can’t point out all of the flaws… there’s just not that much man power in the world to do it.

First, 2:00 into this video. Kids, don’t do drugs.

Second, the idea that what we say “inflames ISIS”. So she is saying Freedom of Speech should be banned? Is that what the evil witch whore is saying? Evil witch whore much? Retard much? Drugs fried your brain?

Gee, I am still alive. No Secret Service agents have bombed my house yet or shot me dead in the street for making inflamed statements. No demwits have killed me yet by setting off a bomb at my workplace. And if they did, and I survive the attack, do I get arrested for a terrorist act? lol. Because it must have been my fault for exercising my freedom of speech when talking about this dumb witch.

What, she’s not ISIS? Ok, the Prophet Muhammed raped pigs for entertainment while eating ham sandwiches in his left hand and had his body cremated after confessing that Allah is the pagan moon god, burned the quran after wiping his butt with it and proclaimed that all his followers must eat pork if they want to go to heaven. Oh, @8-) <- and this is a drawing of Muhammad. There! Freedom of speech exercised! I am still alive and even of I was to die from a work of ISIS it would still be a work of ISIS. My statements didn’t force them into doing anything.

Here, I will do this too to make my point perfectly clear. Hinduism is stupid! Bunch of gays running around in orange robes banging their hands against tambourines while doing acid. Oh wait think I might have insulted two religious groups there. Oh and guess what, I am still here! lol. Like I said, stupid witch trying to manipulate the brainless among us.

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Next idiot statement from Hillary please…oh sorry, we will have to take a five minute break while they give her more drugs to keep her from falling back into a seizure from that thing in her head called a brain.

Am I being mean and rude? Oh I’m sorry, I forgot, the office of the President of the United States of America is stress and criticism free, right? No harsh words allowed…lol. Yeah right! It’s not a job she can handle. That much is obvious when you need three men to carry you up three steps.

Inflamed rude and mean? That hasn’t even started yet. These are the nice things I have to say about Hillary.

What? Not very Christ like you say? Where’s the love you say? My love is for my nation and everyone in it including you, even if you’re a Hillary supporter. And Christ like? “Oh you vipers, evildoers, children of Satan.” – Jesus Christ red letter edition. Hello! Wake up sleeping giant! Your knowledge of the force has weakened. I don’t use these words to describe Hillary lightly. She is the only person I have positively identified as these things and they are all based on facts that I can lay out one by one on the table to explain in detail. Can you say the same of your words?  In fact, I will do that in an upcoming article.

BTW, the you tube video has a few choice words in it, so you might want to watch your volume levels.

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