The divisive nature of spiritual warefare

If you can’t stand the divisiveness, hatred, name calling and posturing of this election, imagine how offended and annoyed you would be if you were alive when Jesus came into Jerusalem. Would you want to sit that event out like you say you want to sit out this election? Not having a bible and not knowing that He was the Messiah. Only hearing two camps act exactly like we are witnessing now in Election 2016.

The Pharisees calling him blasphemous, the devil and Jesus calling the Pharisees vipers, children of Satan. Both sides looking almost identical in what is being said, just like when Moses stood before Pharaoh and both Moses staff and the staffs of Pharaoh’s magi turned into snakes….both sides looked pretty stinking similar from a third party perspective didn’t they? Not quite the picturesque Utopian false image you had of things is it?

What’s that you say? Jesus and Moses were morally perfect?  Have you actually read a bible?  Moses was far from perfect and Jesus, while never having committed any sin, was still an easy target for a smear campaign, being born out of wedlock to a teenage mom who was almost divorced before she was even married.  He couldn’t even perform a miracle in His hometown.  What an impotent Messiah He was, must of been a fake.  How is that for the starting of a smear campaign?  I was a Gnostic atheist for nine years of my life, I can generate a massive smear campaign on Jesus, on a whim, playing devil’s advocate.  That was just a taste of me throwing things off the top of my head over just a few seconds.

Life is messy…not neat and tidy like we try to imagine it to be. This is what spiritual warfare looks like. It’s ugly and very unpleasant and it can be easy to get caught up on the wrong side of the fence. It’s not for the fence riders….the lukewarm. They will get spit out and trampled upon.

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What people need is spiritual discernment.  We are commanded to make righteous judgments, but sadly, many so-called Christians have failed that litmus test miserably.  They need to haul butt back to Calvary.

In a world where the Truth has been so watered down it is practically impossible for many to know truth from falsehood, right from wrong.  When do you cut someone off for being an unrepentant sinner and when do you extend grace?

I know couples who either are or were living together outside of marriage between one man and one woman.  When do I extend grace over them and when do I stand up and declare the truth boldly in exhortation like the prophet did to King David?

If you listen to the loud minority, apparently you don’t ever declare the truth but you do make unrighteous judgment calls based on a single 11 year old video.  Apparently, you completely ignore someone when they publicly humble themselves and apologize on national television over a private conversation that they engaged in.

The true answers are in the bible concerning discernment and righteous judgement, in black and white, but many have a very distorted view of the bible.  They see the New Testament as some sort of New Bible of love, sunshine and daffodils.  A pagan Utopian new age religion, and completely ignore huge chunks of it in order to maintain that view.  They ignore what happened to Ananias and Sapphira in the New Testament found in Acts 4 and 5.  They didn’t get grace, they were instantly cut off and died for their unrepentant ways.

The same people then, in a very schizophrenic manner, completely ignore their own belief in that Utopian New Age let’s all get along and love one another religion of theirs and hypocritically pronounce cursing and death upon someone.  This is all signs of someone who is behaving as small children, ignorant of the very Law that they speak of.  Like a three year old, they try to exercise the Law like an experienced, seasoned attorney.  Not realizing that they are carrying G-d’s name in vain.

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We are warned in the New Testament that “Many will come before me on that day saying Lord, Lord,….and I will say I never knew you, depart from me you workers of lawlessness.”. Jesus was speaking to the so-called believers there.  We are also warned that a great deception is coming in the last days.

So many preach “don’t judge me”, “don’t judge”, “don’t be a hypocrite”, “where is your love”, blah blah blah.  Where, in hell, pray tell, did all those people go when this video of Trump was released?  Oh, that’s right, they haven’t gotten there yet (to hell).

Oh ye mighty hypocrites….lol  Have you forgotten all about Bill Clinton or do I need to post the x-rated C-Span video that was broadcasted on prime time national television in the 1990’s.  He was grilled over what he insisted (and will still insist today) was not him having sex with one of many women during his Presidency.  I was one of the idiots who voted for him on his first term in office.  You may say that he isn’t running, but to that I say Hillary is the same exact way.

She denies doing any wrong doing, on everything.  Name one thing where she has publicly admitted to any wrong doing.  She has spun things and played the “I made a mistake” card until it’s a wonder she hasn’t had a psyche evaluation for her deep level of incompetency, having made so many “mistake”.  But she has never taken ownership of her blatant disregard of the law and moral conduct.  Is that the spirit of a Christian?

So many people are wrapped up over what someone said, rather than what someone actually did.  “First, take out the plank out of your own eye, so then you can see to take out the splinter in your neighbors eye.”  We are comparing splinters to entire lumber yards here between Trump and the Clintons.  If you can’t understand that, I’m afraid that not only are you too dumb to be voting, but you need to go back to Calvary and ask forgiveness for your failure to actually study scripture in order to accurately form a reasonable opinion about anything.

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We shouldn’t be appalled that people (especially Christians) are still supporting Trump.  We should be appalled and outraged by how many self professing Christians are apparently illiterate when it comes to G-d’s Holy Word, and therefore lack any spiritual discernment over matters where truth gets overshadowed by accusation and finger pointing.  We should also be appalled by those who obviously don’t believe in G-d yet pretend that they do when it suits their lifelong political career.

Don’t lose sight of the overall picture here.  Whichever candidate wins will determine for decades the direction this nation goes in, because of the upcoming openings in the Supreme Court.  That’s if we don’t get nuked by Russia first and, thanks to the Obama administration, we wouldn’t win a war against Russia.  They have developed far superior military technology over the past eight years while Obama has been systematically dismantling our outdated defenses rather than pouring tons of cash into them.  Russia is not our problem…we are.

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