A Gnostic Atheist is more reasonable than a Hillary supporter

I hate to beat a dead horse to death and I don’t want to flood this site with only political posts related to the Presidential campaign, but this is a truly worthy issue, the future of our nation, as we are at a pivotal point of no return.  So I am going to share this anyhow.

The media would still act like Hillary is Jesus as a woman no matter what is proven to the contrary. I don’t even think the media would change their tune if it was proven that Hillary is Adolf Hitler’s granddaughter and that through cryogenics they were able to do the world’s first brain transplant using Hitler’s preserved brain and that as soon as she was to become President, all coal industry would be shutdown so that coal can be replaced with human bodies as a fuel source at all coal based power plants. Oh and that she eats babies after roasting them on the grill while her husband uses puppies and kittens as skeet for target practice. Pull! Arf! Pull! Meow!

Yes, the liberals are that brain washed stupid. They don’t listen to logic and reason and when they get confronted with enough of it they get pissed, after telling you that you are just a hatemonger and tell you that you need to just die. If I had a nickel for every time a liberal told me to die after calling me a hatemonger for presenting them with logic and facts that cannot be argued against.

Even Gnostic atheists are not so brain washed by their beliefs. I have debated quite a few in my lifetime and at least got through to one, where they officially and publicly conceeded to our disagreement after several days worth of back and forth, by demonstrating to them that even mathematics breaks down at a certain point and can’t be held on the deity pedestal that true atheists place it on, and mathematics is the foundation of science which is the “religion” of true atheists. If you can prove to a true atheist that the ground that they stand on is not as solid as they think it is, you can get them to open up to other possibilities… probably not the bible…yet…but baby steps…lol. It took me years to accept the bible in its entirety by picking it apart and dissecting it even after having a Saul to Paul experience with G-d and knowing for a fact that He was as real as the phone I am typing on.

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Liberals (Hillary Supporters) on the other hand, their hearts seem to be more hardened than a Gnostic atheist’s apparently. At least their brains most certainly are. Their neural pathways are fused and they get frustrated like a chimpanzee when something doesn’t look like what they think it should look like. Yes, I am saying liberals are worst than Gnostic atheists and act like monkeys

Gnostic atheists are not all liberal btw, I was a Gnostic atheist and formed an unfavorable opinion on homosexuality and abortion both based on scientific reasoning. I love it when someone attacks me for my views on abortion and homosexuality by attacking my religion because I can flip that table right back in their face and go at it from a non-religious stance that they can’t attack with their narrow minded prejudice, leaving them with only one response, the emotionally based one that their beliefs are actually rooted in rather than logic and reason. And I am told to die or go kill myself…lol



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