Why Hillary Supporters need to read their bible

What if Donald Trump is a litmus test for this nation? What if the Lord gave us a choice between him and Hillary just like He gave Israel between Jesus and Barabbas?

Am I saying that Donald is like Jesus? No, I’m not. But I can confidently state that both Hillary and her husband are very much like Barabbas! There is enough information on the table to make that judgement call without fear of making an unrighteous judgement. A clearly consistent, unrepentant and very public pattern of lying, deception and manipulation.

Was Trump sincere in his apology for a private, locker room like comment made 11 years ago? If you think not please tell me what prophetic vision G-d gave you to the contrary concerning his sincerity?  Can you even tell me if he was saying those things because he really felt that way or was just falling into alignment with the guy talk around him? No, you cannot.

Maybe he was sincere, maybe he wasn’t, but I don’t have to have a prophetic insight into the Clintons to know where they stand in G-d’s judgement. It is written in Acts.

They are the Ananias and Sapphira of Acts 4 and 5 that were exposed, judged and executed in accordance with G-d’s Holy commandments for doing EXACTLY what Hillary and Bill are doing right now.

Go ahead read about it and get back with me.  Both husband and wife were systematically killed by the Holy Spirit..dropped dead like a high priest in the Holy of Holies for being unclean due to their lies, deception and attempted manipulation of the Church.

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So I stand by my statements that Hillary lawfully deserves the death penalty, as does her husband. If you vote for them, you are no different than Ananias and Sapphira. Acts 4 and 5 says it clearly.  It is written, and judgement will be upon you for your choice.

May G-d have mercy on your soul for walking in such great deception and in defiance to G-d’s Holy Word.  Repent and run away from such evil spirits.

Am I saying you are going to hell for not voting for Trump? Absolutely not! But there are two other independent people on the ballot who do not have over 30 years of continual and habitual lying, deception and manipulation that is on a very public display.

Cast your vote for one of them, write someone in, I don’t care. But if you vote for Hillary, you have made your bed and when the angel of death passes your way, I don’t think the lamb’s blood works all that well once you have blasphemed the Holy Spirit.

I’m pretty certain there is something that says that in scripture. I am being sarcastic in saying I think that of course, I know that. But I am not going to give you those verse references today. It’s not my job to do your scripture studying for you and if you are still trying to challenge my position on this topic then you obviously need to dust off and crack open a bible or get a different translation that you can actually understand.

I’d recommend a keyword study Bible.  I pray you gain a deeper understanding of what His Word actually says on matters of discernment and righteous judgement.

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