One Liberal Media Outlet shows Trump ahead in polls

I just checked both of the major Presidential candidates Facebook pages and both have increased in likes by about 100 to 150 thousand likes, in the last week, with Trump at 11.4 million likes and Hillary at 7.1 million likes. Things to consider about this information. It is a real-time poll of 18.5 MILLION people vs polls of only a few thousand or even just a measly few hundred thousand. It represents a true representation of the population. It is in real-time because any negative press that truly upset a supporter would cause them to unlike their candidates page. Neither candidate has lost total likes. Each candidate can look up their on metrics on how many likes/unlikes have occurred on a week to week basis. This metric is not manipulated, if it were there would be some very upset advertisers as the likes/dislikes determine the monetary value of a Facebook page and thus how much money advertisers are charged on related websites based.on the Facebook and Google analytics. In other words, these numbers are equivalent to currency or stock values. Traditional media is way off the mark. This race is running as close as a pod race between Anakin Skywalker and Sebulba in Star Wars. There is a website where wagers are being made on a daily basis. This is a major horse race with lots of underhandedness and neck and neck odds despite the underhandedness. Probably more money has been thrown at this race than any in the history of our nation too which makes the fact that it is so close even more interesting. It is certainly the most heated race ever with all out civil war nearly breaking out between voters. You would think the media would want to ride all of that true hype but instead they want to paint some fairytale narrative about things. If we go by the Facebook likes, it clearly shows who is ahead though. We have to remember that popular votes do not win an election. Electoral College votes do. If there is enough perceived preference for one candidate over another the EC can elect that candidate even if that perception is false. I have been saying for over six Presidential elections that we need to abolish the Electoral College. It is an obsolete system intended for when it took weeks to months to gather numbers from communities instead of nanoseconds. Trump supporters need to show up in mass in plain red shirts (no campaign slogan) at the polls, they need to point to the real-time metrics of liberal Facebook that clearly shows who is in the lead so that the EC cannot select Hillary without making it obvious to all that they blatantly went against the majority vote. They have contradicted the popular vote in the past by nearly 2 million popular votes for the other candidate.

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Also, we need to modernize the voting system. Using hundreds of millions of cardboard cutouts in the form of ballots to track votes and counting them by hand is a completely insane practice in 2016. We need a secure digital system in place from beginning to end with military grade authentication and checksums. Simple human error, even vetted human error is too likely, not even counting the potential for human bias. Yes, machines might count these ballots but human hands still touch them at some point in the process. That needs to end. We don’t do paper based ledgers with quill pens and parchment paper for bookkeeping, why the hell are we determining the most important position in our country like that? lol. I should be able to cast my vote from my smartphone which has both a unique MAC address and a secure chip for authentication, not to mention a unique EID for the phone functions so there is a triple authentication system already in place.

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