A relationship without foundation – a perfect love and a perfect hate

His eternal judgement is one of the foundations mentioned in Hebrews 6. Eternal judgement is Him doing a whole lot worst (at least in the eyes of self righteous men and women) than simple name calling (Vipers, evil doers, children of Satan) or offending people in other ways. I actually had someone tell me that they don’t remember Jesus being a butthole (I am not quoting exactly btw). My response was to point out what Jesus called the Pharisees and then say that “one person’s butthole is another person’s Lord and Savior.”. I am also not quoting myself exactly either.  I requoted them exactly what they had said.  They, like the house in the above image, was distorted in their views of Jesus.

It wasn’t because of an all sunshine and daffodils message that Jesus was crucified on the cross. He offended a lot of people by making outrageous (to them anyhow) statements that made them say “Who is this nut case who thinks he can say these blasphemous and hateful things?”. Do I hate sinners? No. Do I hate sin? Absolutely! Will I continue to speak truth without concern as to who it will offend? You betcha. I am to deliver the message. I am not to concern myself with how people respond to it.

Someone made a comment that I must be really great at winning converts.  I immediately pointed out what a false teaching it is to “win converts”.  That’s not my job, that’s the job of the Holy Spirit.  My job is to speak the truth.  Some would add “in love” and while it is true that our motivation for everything we say and do should be G-d’s perfect love it is neither “loving” or “kind” to call people “Children of Satan” or tell a woman at the well how many men she has slept with in her lifetime.  The Holy Spirit’s job is to convict and He can do that with or without me speaking the truth, out of love.  I tell my kid things he doesn’t want to hear out of love too.  People really need to get this false idea of a feminized, Gandhi like Jesus out of their heads.  That is not the real Jesus.

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This whole Kumbaya, Jesus is all love and daffodils, is OK with everything you do, the Old Testament was for then and the New Testament is for now, cult like new age religion people got going on? Yeah that doesn’t work and it can be debunked with logic and facts in about 60 seconds flat or less. Way to go, people, on giving the atheists what they need to justify their own, equally incorrect beliefs.

G-d is perfect love but He is also perfect hate. No, He doesn’t hate people but He does hate what people do when they sin. with a divine and perfect hate.

G-d’s eternal judgement is indeed foundational to our walk in Christ as Hebrews chapter 6 states.  If we don’t have the foundation we will fall like a poorly constructed house.

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