Russia, nuclear weapons and schizophrenics in the west, oh my

So, I thought Russia was our friends? That is exactly what Hillary Clinton said in the first Presidential debate when it comes to fighting against ISIS. It is also what Obama implied when we agreed to lower our defenses in Europe. Of course, Hillary also said a little earlier in that same debate that it was the Russians who hacked the DNC. And Obama…well Obama often rants like a raving lunatic.

So which is it? Friend or foe? Perhaps, when Russia says “schizophrenics in the West” they are referring to Obama, Hillary and team. She definitely fits the schizophrenic bill. I want a President that will ask a question or two before going off on some wild butt, agenda driven tangent….and then have the guts to push the big red button or launch a sneak attack once the truth has been adequately determined. But with our current administration as with Hillary’ team, the truth will never see the light of day because they are too busy spinning things to blame YouTube video posters for ISIS bombings and blaming the Russians for their own incompetency.

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