The Running Man

During the election process in which we voted for a Republican candidate, I compared Trump to the TV host in the movie, The Running Man.  He seemed to have the same demeanor and carried himself in that way.  I don’t know, maybe I’m just weird like that, but I pegged him as the wrong character.  You see he wasn’t my first choice for President.  My first choice was Ben Carson.  He also wasn’t my second choice.  I put Ted Cruz down as my second choice.  But he quickly became the majority choice of We the People, so I started paying more attention to him and then, after the first Presidential debate, I realized that Trump is more like Arnold in the movie because Hillary is more like the fake TV host who’s only interested is lining their pocket with more money.  She has the media painting a complete fairy tale just like the media in The Running Man, when in reality, just about everyone is extremely discontent with what’s going on.  Why even the DNC itself almost exploded into civil war over her nomination.

Here is what almost civil war looks like at the DNC:


The Democratic party is not as unified as the media would like for you to think it is.  The only thing they have going for them is psychological warfare to try to convince people to not turn out and vote!  If people turn out to vote, she will lose…and lose big time.

Below is a video clip for The Running Man for those unfamiliar with it.  Watch the movie some time between now and November and see if you don’t see our media doing exactly what the media is doing in this movie.

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