What benefit is there in being a legal U.S. citizen?

That’s the question I must raise.  This morning I was looking at my news-feed on Google plus.  Yes, Google plus still exists.  One of the first things that showed up on my feed was this article by the Electronic Frontier Foundation.  It was a politically motivated petition, disguised as privacy concerns, to fight the proposal to require social media credentials of anyone being screened by the Federal government during the process of applying for entry into the United States.  It cited that this was a violation of Constitutional rights.

There in is one of the huge problems with the liberal false ideology/theology.  If everyone on the planet is automatically protected by the U.S. Constitution and all the civil laws that hinge from it, then why am I paying taxes?!?!?  More importantly, why isn’t everyone else on the planet paying U.S. Income taxes?  I mean, I think I figured out how to solve all of our budget problems for a long time using the insanity called liberal logic!

News flash: If you are not a U.S. citizen, you do not have U.S. Constitutional rights!  You do not get a tax return at the end of the year from the IRS.  You do not, or should not receive any benefits at all of being a U.S. citizen.  You might have rights outlined by your home country’s Constitution, but you fall outside of the legal dominion of the United States of America and therefore you are not entitled to any of the rights or benefits granted by said dominion.  You must apply for and be accepted as a U.S. citizen for that to happen and jump through all the hoops and requirements in order to become a legal citizen.

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But if you want to make that claim as an illegal or just a foreign person wanting to apply legally for citizenship, you can pay us the back taxes you owe the IRS for the total number of years you have ever produced an income in your entire life and if accepted, we might talk about rights and benefits.

Yes, as a U.S. Citizen, I am far more privileged than anyone who is not a U.S. citizen.  Doesn’t make me better, just more blessed.  We are not to covet those who are more blessed and that’s what a lot of this nonsense is really about.  People being jealous and having their little feelings hurt because one person is more privileged than another, or bleeding heart liberals who think the United States is here to enable and save every other human being on the planet.

There is a parable in the Bible that addresses the whole coveting thing, both when it comes to citizenship and when it comes to working a job and earning an income. We shouldn’t covet what other people have based on where they were born or how wealthy their family is or how much they make at a job even if it is doing the same exact thing we are doing for less money.

We see this taught in Matthew 20:1-16 where the landowner start hiring more and more people throughout the day to work the fields and pays the same amount of money for the entire day to those who worked all day and those who only worked the last hours of the day.  The ones at the end of the day made a lot more money per hour doing the exact same work and according to scripture, that is at the discretion of the employer and is between employer and employee who agreed to the amount before they started working.  Not only that, but those verses say that this is EXACTLY how things will be in the Kingdom of Heaven!  Some will do less and get more for it in the process.  Got a problem with it?  Take it up with G-d, go ahead, complain and see what happens.  The bible gives plenty of examples of what happens when people complain.

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This scripture blows the whole $15 minimum wage deal straight out of the water as well as the hating on successful business people who make more money than everyone else simply because they are smart.  CEO’s are not evil.  Those who get paid for what they know what to do and not for what they actually do, are not evil greedy people.  If you believe that they are, then it is YOU who has a serious attitude problem and need to get right with Jesus.

So again, I ask, what benefit is there in being a U.S. citizen?  What did our military service men and women go out and put their lives on the line for?  Was it so that foreigners and idiot liberals can piss all over the U.S. Constitution and United State Sovereignty?  I don’t think so!

And where do the liberals get off saying that we can’t require to take a peak into people’s social media accounts before allowing them into our country?  Next they will be saying it is a violation of privacy to ask for financial records before a bank loans money to someone.  It’s not like they can’t change their passwords after we have reviewed things to make sure they are not an ISIS cell group coming into the country.  They are the ones requesting citizenship.  They can just as easily not enter our country at all if they have a problem with it.

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