America and the Zombie Apocalypse

“Clinton launches new campaign against Trump”

That’s a headline I just saw come across my screen.

The witch so stupid she don’t realize that the election was over six months ago! Her followers so stupid that they believe everything that comes out her mouth. They talk about Trump followers supporting Trump even if he crapped on his desk but they eating crap every single day like the libtards that they are.

I am so over stupid people and their complete idiocracy. Half this nation needs to be air dropped straight into Syria. They have gone beyond pathetic, to the point of no return to sanity. Whatever they think they stand for, they destroyed by their own actions. They are NOT Americans. They don’t deserve to be called that anymore. I don’t recognize them as that anymore. If that makes them angrier, good! Maybe they will all reach stroke stage and make America great again.

People have suddenly dropped dead in the Bible for things that are about at this level. Just read the book of Acts and you will see. People need to chillax, repent and rethink what they are doing and the impact they are having, not just in the now, but for generations to come. Think about the children.   Remember that slogan?!?!?  They need to consider how they are teaching children concerning respect, honor and patriotism.  The opposite of, more like it.  The way things are going, suddenly drawing their last breath really would make America great again. It has nothing to do with politics anymore.


It has everything to do with the way people carry themselves. Like decent civilized human beings or ravenous brain dead zombies hell bent on having their way no matter what.

It’s time to wake up!

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