Facebook Torrettes

Facebook Toerrettes is real and so many people are being discriminated against for having it!

Scroll down to the bottom for a phone number for Facebook.  Call them and voice your concerns!  Yes, it’s another rant about Facebook and their inappropriate thought police enforcement.  Made this meme this morning.  I have Facebook torrettes!  Posting it onto Facebook this afternoon as soon as my 24 hour ban is lifted.  Actually, I have a better idea!  I am going to make a video and post on our YouTube channel and share THAT on Facebook as well as here at the top of this article.  It will be a very clear declaration of war against the cyber bullies posing as Facebook staff.

I figured out yesterday that I couldn’t post anything, can’t like anything, can’t private message anyone in fb messenger, no one, no friends or anyone.  I can’t even send a private message to the admins of any Facebook pages.  However, I could change privacy permissions on previous posts, which I did to a few other posts just so the Facebook staff could enjoy them too.

Just now one of them got removed.  The one where I went of on a rant about people not being able to say Bruce Jenner is a tranny.  It was in response to a friend of mine who said they got flagged for saying those words!  So this meme is in honor of you Facebook staff, and you can take the legal threats made in it for real.  It’s not like you haven’t already been sued for discrimination of race in allowing your advertisers to filter people by race.  You also allow them to filter by sex, which is a whole different class action.  Get ready for one concerning your discrimination of people’s thoughts and ideas.

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You don’t want to hear what people are thinking then stop asking them “What’s on your mind?”  Just shut down your entire site!  You have committed anti-semitic discrimination, political discrimination, religious discrimination, all while allowing someone to Facebook live real life murders on your platform.  YOU ARE PATHETIC! And need to be brought down a few notches in your insanity.  I will gladly help collaborate with those whom you keep bullying!

Click the image below and share this meme!

Want to VOICE your concerns about Facebook’s irrational and inconsistent enforcement of their Terms of Service?

Facebook don’t have a phone number you say?


Give them a ring and let them know how frustrated you are!  Have your lawyer call them.  It won’t be the first time that they have been contacted by a lawyer.  Do a Google for “Facebook class action lawsuit” and see if you are one of the 1.6 billion members owed a $15 check for racial discrimination because of how their advertising has targeted based on race in the past.



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