Is the Total Solar Eclipse a sign from God?

Short answer: probably not.

Long answer:

I don’t think so, and here is why…..

I watched a video online where this guy talks about G-d using the sun and the moon for signs, and that is partially true.  He also went on to discuss Jonah and that there was a solar eclipse at the time that Jonah caused so many in Ninevah to repent and recognize G-d the Father as the One True G-d.   He then proceeded to talk about the Crucifixion and the darkness at the Crucifixion.  He was very careful not to say the words “eclipse” or “solar eclipse”.  Why? Because there was not a solar eclipse during the crucifixion.  You see, it was Passover.  Passover, and all of the other biblical feasts follow the lunar calendar, not a solar based calendar like we use today.   During Passover, the moon would be in the wrong position for an eclipse.  The darkness experienced at the crucifixion was a supernatural event, just like the tearing of the shroud over the holy of holies in the temple, just like the Talmud recording that the Menorah stopped burning miraculously around the time of Christ’s death and resurrection, because the Light was no longer being shrouded in a temple of stone and was now walking about outside for all to see.

The attempt to imply that the darkness at the crucifixion was a solar eclipse like that one in Jonah’s time is what we call a verbal slight of hand.  Citing one solar eclipse event that did happen, then citing another event and implying that a solar eclipse event happened there as well, without actually saying that because then you set yourself up to be rebuked for lying.  The “sign of Jonah” was not a solar eclipse.  Jesus clearly stated what the “sign of Jonah” was.  The fact that Jonah was in the belly of Leviathan for 3 days.  Your bible probably translates it as fish.  It is often mistakenly taught as “whale” but if you look at the actual Greek words describing this creature, it can be concluded that this was a Leviathan as described in the book of Job.

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One of the deities that Ninevah worshiped was the fish god.  Leviathan would have been the epitome of the manifestation of their false god.  G-d, the one true G-d has this thing for mocking other people’s false gods and so when Jonah was spit out onto dry land by the epitome of the fish god, that probably got some people’s attention.  Does the bible mention this?  No, it does not.  You have to extrapolate information from external sources to know these things, as with almost all of scripture, where you need a Hebrew mindset to understand half of what it is saying.

That being said, I am going to take the day off Monday and observe the solar eclipse.  I live in one of the areas that is a major hot spot for this event having just over 2 minutes and 30 seconds of totality or darkness.  I’m not going to worry about if this is an end time event or not.

Should we concern ourselves with end time signs and such?  Yes, to an extent.  But Jesus said that the only sign that will be given to the wicked and adulterous generation is a single sign that was already given, Christ’s death, burial and resurrection.  I personally do not believe He would use a natural solar eclipse as a sign.  I believe He would use supernatural darkness just like recorded in Exodus during the plagues of Egypt.  It was a darkness that could be felt.  A darkness that defied the laws of physics since the Hebrews didn’t experience it while the Egyptians did in the same location.  I got a comment from an engineer/scientist on Facebook once when I was talking about the nature of light in my post “The Nature of Light”.  He expanded upon something I had said that was a personal theory of mine.  That light can cancel out light.  It is just another form of Electromagentic energy, being both a wave and a particle.  Waves can be cancelled out by generating another wave of exactly the opposite frequency.  We do this all the time with sound waves and white noise.  What the engineer told me was that we having the ability now through cutting edge technology to use one laser to cancel out another laser.  Basically, we can form a void of darkness by using to contrasting forms of light.  In other words, light can veil light.

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You see, darkness is not the opposite of light.  Darkness is the absence of light.  Whatever you believe about yen/yang light/dark good/evil being in balance, you can toss that incorrect thinking right out the window.  Light has no opposite other than itself.  The Angel of Death that took all the first born of the Egyptians?  That was an angel of the Lord.  That should be a very sobering thought.  It was not a demon, it was not the devil…it was a messenger of G-d, perhaps even Christ Himself preincaranate.  Even if the Solar Eclipse was a sign from G-d, it wouldn’t be a sign for the lost and the ungodly!  G-d cannot accept you into the Kingdom of Heaven if the only reason you want to “repent” is because you believe the end is near.  That’s not repentance.  That’s self preservation.  Every0ne will feel that way when staring their Judge in the face at the white throne of judgement.  The Word of G-d says to let he who is clean be more clean and he who is filthy to be more filthy, Revelation 22.  He wants genuine repentance, mournful repentance…not fear driven repentance.  So if you never believed in G-d before the Solar Eclipse, you shouldn’t believe in Him after the Solar Eclipse if that is the only thing that caused you to start thinking about G-d and eternity.

“It would have been better for them not to have known the way of righteousness, than to have known it and then to turn their backs on the sacred command that was passed on to them.”

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2 Peter 2:21

If you are going to be observing the solar eclipse, I would recommend using that app Solar Eclipse Timer, downloadable in your respective app store for iOS and Android.  Knowing the timing of all of the events and being aware of all of the pretty cool effects that will happen just before, during and just after totality is pretty stinking awesome and I am very excited to have the opportunity to observe it in my life time right where I am at.  Also be certain to put your solar eclipse glasses back on before the C3 event happens or you will be blinded, why have this app is so important if you are observing the event.

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