Trump, Haiti and legal immigration

I haven’t posted on here in awhile, but the latest rant from the idiot liberal left is so outrageously stupid and evil manipulative in its intent that I am going to call it out for exactly what it is.

So get ready to be offended!

So many people upset about what Trump allegedly said about Haiti being a “sh&thole”. The really hilarious and sad thing about it is that it proves exactly how stupid half this nation is and how freaking illiterate they appear to be. If they could actually read and had a functioning brain with a capacity greater than a tropical bird, they would know that the claim that he used the word “sh&thole” is complete BS from the idiot left.

But, even if Trump had actually said that word, I would agree with him! You see, our nation has always had a standard on immigration. People in this nation would also know that if they had actually paid attention in high school level Civics class. Legal immigration has always involved a process with many requirements including the ability to learn to read and speak English, pass a high school level Civics course on how a Constitutional REPUBLIC form of government actually works and demonstrate some sort of skill set other than setting on one’s ass and playing victim that would benefit the nation as a whole.

There too many people in this nation more concerned about whether or not we accept immigrants of “sh&thole” countries than there are people concerned about the well being of our nation, our national security and all the people living in “sh&tholes” right here, in our own nation.

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To me, all this proves is that we really do need to flush the turds down the toilet and #maga and I’m not talking about poor people. I am talking about these idiots without any brains that keep parroting BS from the left. If that’s you, lace that shoe up and wear it!

If you happen to have come out of a “sh&thole” in your lifetime and bettered yourself, that’s awesome, so long as you did it in a legal and proper manner. Be proud of yourself, but that doesn’t change the fact that the place you were at was not a bed of roses but instead was a “sh&thole”.

Let’s not try to make a negative truth into some Rose colored glasses BS because I, for one, am not one to promote falsehoods over the truth. I am proud to have a President who is willing to speak the truth exactly like it is when needed.

We do not call women men nor men women. We do not call stupid people smart. We do not call a fire trap topped with black plague level potential anything remotely nice. Because that, would be a lie.

WWJD concerning Trump’s alleged statements about Haiti and other crappy places?

Well, He wouldn’t lie! He would call a “sh&thole” whatever the closest Hebrew equivalent is for a “sh&thole”. That’s exactly what He would do!

Don’t believe me? He cursed a fig tree for not bearing figs out of season, causing it to whither away and die. He called the Pharisees poisonous snakes and the children of Satan. Oh, and He turned water into wine, very good wine at that, rather than simply calling water wine or even calling grape juice wine.

I’m fairly certain He would speak the truth about rat hole living conditions incapable of producing anything other than disease and malnourishment short of having a miracle performed over it.

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So whatever you choose to do, don’t be a Jezebel and try to use your ill constructed understanding of scripture to try to not only perpetuate #fakenews as truth but also to try to manipulate the rest of us like a Jezebel whore.

It won’t work and will only get your feelings hurt by people like me who will tell you exactly what you can do with that kind of thinking.

Now, I am done quoting a trending curse word for the day, which was made a trending curse word by the liberal MSM not censoring themselves, btw, while distributing this #fakenews as they are so desperate to keep a negative angle on one of the greatest Presidents we have ever had.

There are no curse words in biblical Hebrew, btw, but that doesn’t mean there are not words to accurately describe something very bad as something very bad. The closest curse word I have ever heard come from a Jew not speaking Hebrew is “Oy Vey” and that’s Yiddish, not Hebrew and is basically an expression of complete and utter dismay and disbelief or desire for disbelief would be more accurate.

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