My Amazon Alexa is smarter than the average Alexa

How many genders are there?

Disclaimer: This is not the official standard response from Amazon Alexa.


How did I do that? Video editing? No! She actually responds that way at my house when I or anyone else asks her that question. It’s called Alexa Routines. You can override her responses with custom verbal responses as well as make a single statement that invokes multiple commands. The custom say feature of routines is something I was looking forward to Amazon developing though not for this purpose. But when I realized you could override her standard responses to things, I realized you can change her response to something that your household might not agree with her standard response. It’s called freedom of choice, baby! Isn’t America beautiful?

It’s my data after all and I should have 100% control over what it does. I subscribe to Amazon to provide me data and I should have the right to customize that data to my liking. Way to go Amazon. If this makes you mad, don’t get mad, you can do the same sort of thing with your Alexa about everything you don’t agree with too. Just make sure what she says is actually based on facts.

Can Google Home do this? Can whatever the Apple version do this? This is a feature I would think would make the product more desirable. You can have some level of control over what these AI’s are telling your children. Though I might leave out the “illiterate moron” part if I had small children at home…maybe.

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