Depart from me you workers of lawlessness – Illegal Immigration And The Fanatic Lawless Left

A message from someone I consider a great teacher this past Wednesday led to this post.  Much of what I said in my last post also tied into his message as well long before I heard his message.

In the verse that is often translated “workers of iniquity”, the word iniquity there means lawlessness.  Lawlessness is an action or state of existence.  People enter into the state of lawlessness or commit the action of lawlessness very frequently in this day and age.  In fact, lawlessness is being celebrated, having parades held in its honor, and upheld above all other things.  Another word for lawlessness is rebellion.  Rebellion is mentioned quite often in scripture, along with it’s doppelganger, manipulation, aka witchcraft.  So workers of lawlessness are, in effect, workers of witchcraft, according to G-d’s Word.

How does that tie in with illegal immigration?  Well, according to scripture, we are commanded to obey the laws of the land, so long as those man made laws are not in direct conflict with the laws of G-d.  When to decide if they are or are not and how to proceed in response is clearly outlined in the book of Daniel.  We still respect established authority even pagan established authority, because we know, according to scripture, that all authority is appointed by G-d, even the authority we do not agree with, such as former President Obama.

Yet, that is not what we are seeing in America today.  We are witnessing outright rebellion, epic gross disrespect and outright treasonous acts and false propaganda being carried out by many in the country who still have not accepted Donald Trump as their President, a person of authority, appointed by G-d, exactly as the King of Babylon was appointed by G-d.

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Now, G-d so loved the Kosmos (the grand order of things, as established in the beginning), that He was willing to sacrifice His only begotten Son to uphold the Kosmos, aka the Laws of G-d, the grand order of things, established in the beginning.  Any willful act, attitude or thought that goes against that is anti-Christian.  It is spawned from the depths of hell and is the seed of Satan.

So, if you are willing to ignore our Federal laws in order to feel good about your “humanitarian” efforts of allowing people to come willy nilly and unchecked across our national borders, you, my friend, are a worker of lawlessness.  It does not matter what you believe or think.  Jesus said it Himself, “Depart from me you workers of lawlessness, I NEVER knew you.”  Your works are in vain.  You have vain thoughts and vain imaginings.  Your world viewpoint is in vain and your attitude towards those who disagree with your viewpoint is pure vanity.

Yes, we are in the end times.  Many are doing exactly as Jesus warned that they would and exactly as the book of Romans says, that they will be given over to a reprobate mind, not knowing the difference between what is right and what is wrong.  Unable to make that determination due to their clouded and confused state of existence in lawlessness/rebellion/witchcraft.

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