Donald Trump and False Evidence

It seems that the left really are on a witch hunt when it comes to Donald Trump.  Today I read an article from CNN about this exclusive tape of Trump and his attorney talking.  In CNN’s own words, the recording is of such poor quality, you can’t really tell what is being said.  However, that doesn’t stop them from speculating and then declaring their speculation as facts and evidence of a crime.

Long gone are the days of true scientific process.  The best example of false evidence comes in the form of Santa Claus.  There is so much false and fabricated evidence of his existence.  An overwhelming amount of evidence, more so than even any evidence presented in the past two years in the left’s feeble attempts to discredit and delegitimize Trump’s Presidency.  If a fraction of the energy spent trying to discredit Trump was spent on the real threats within our borders, we would be a truly secure nation.  Unfortunately that is too rational for the idiots on the left.

The Lockness Monster, UFO’s, the extra-terrestrial link to crop circles, Bigfoot, ghosts, Elvis still being alive, all of these have mountains more evidence for their existence in fact than any evidence presented in the past two years that could do anything to threaten Trump.  Yet the liberal left insists that they finally have their holy grail to bring down Trump, repeatedly, like a broken record.

It’s time to put a stop to this nonsense.  If we don’t, half this nation is going to riot within the next few years, based upon false evidence and false conceptions and we are going to have to kill off a large segment of the population simply for being too stupid to exist in a civil society.   Basically, a lot of people will have to die on both sides of the aisle.  Martial law will have to be declared to keep things in order.

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I prefer to keep my nation civilized, so I would rather we not go down that road, but it is looking more and more like that is our inevitable destination as a nation.  If we do go down that route, it will be the direct fault of main stream media and the Democratic party.  They have both become threats to national security.

That is what I am seeing and that is what I am speaking forth.

A vote for Democrats is a vote for death to this nation.

Allowing mainstream media to simply make up nonfactual claims and news without any accountability is going to destroy this nation.  It has already done a great deal of damage to our sovereignty and unity as a nation.

The Lord rebukes workers of lawlessness such as these.

The image that comes to my mind right now is the serpent of Moses.  It’s very odd that G-d used a serpent not once, but twice.  A serpent is not the first thing that comes to mind as a symbol of healing, but there it is.  Used both when Moses’ staff turned into a serpent in Egypt and again when Moses is instructed to hang a serpent on a cross.  The verse in Numbers 21:8 is translated “set it upon a pole”.  The Hebrew word translated pole here, nes, נֵ֑ס actually means “sign”, “banner”, “flag” for victory/healing.

I always thought it very odd that the Lord instructed Moses to make a symbol like that.  Typically, this would be forbidden, under the Law.  Most people don’t even think about that when reading or hearing this verse.  But look at what was going on here in Numbers.  The people were trying to blame Moses for being stuck in the wilderness.  They forgot that it was their own sin that landed them in the wilderness.  So G-d judged them and they began dying off from poisonous snake attacks.  The people realized that they were in sin and were being judged, repented and asked Moses to ask the Lord for mercy.  The Lord then instructs Moses to construct this symbol of the snake and that anyone who looks upon it will be saved from the poisonous snakes.  It turns out that this symbol is yet another thing in the Old Testament that points directly to Jesus Christ.

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Lesson here, just because Donald Trump is questioned as to whether or not he is an instrument of G-d doesn’t mean he isn’t.  It’s not so strange of a concept that the Lord would use a serpent when you consider the fact that the Lord has also used darkness and death itself to further His purpose.  It only becomes confusing to those who believe in the all sunshine and daffodils Jesus taught falsely all across the nation.  G-d is good all the time and all the time G-d is good, but His goodness can be very bad for those not walking in accordance with His instruction.

Right now, in this nation, we need healing and victory in the midst of great deception and falsehood.  We need people to stand up and be counted among those willing to stand for law and order as opposed to feelings, false beliefs, hatred and vile preconceptions based off of what people think they are looking at or think they know.

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