In Facebook Jail for a whole 30 days – the Digital Civil Cold War

I am in Facebook jail now for a whole thirty days.  Possibly longer.  All because I have been posting the truth about illegal immigration and lawlessness.  Absolutely nothing in my posts violates the TOS on Facebook.  I will post what I wrote and while spirited and giving examples of what would happen if we were to just ignore laws with abandonment aka become workers of lawlessness, I got banned for defending Federal laws!!!!!!

We are literally in a Digital Civil Cold War.

So in response, I am going to launch my own social media platform.  There is one called Social Cross that is pretty good and I am on there for anyone looking for me, but I think we need a general social media site that is geared for independent thinkers and not just one side of the spectrum.  So that is what I am going to bring online.  I don’t mind deferring views.  I do mind blatant bias and deliberate bullying of people for expressing passionate and very valid view points.

My social media platform will be under the domain.


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