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Sick of Facebook’s criminally biased cyber bullying?  I sure am!  Like I said in my last article, I was banned for 30 days simply for stating my views on illegal immigration and promoting the upholding of existing Federal law!  What a crock of horse manure!  It’s as if Facebook wants the whole country to become a nation without laws.  So what’s a person to do?  Well, you set up your own social media platform and that’s exactly what I did, in less than 24 hours at little to no cost to me, all while operating my business during working hours.

So here you go,  I called it LifeBook and you can setup your own account right now at

Is this a Christian Social Media site?

It is based on Christian principals, but like the Church, it is open to anyone so long as they abide by the Terms of Service.

Please, invite some of your close friends.  Help me test it out.  If I see any interest in it, I will drop some out of pocket funds and instantly update it with many features similar to Facebook as well as a couple that Facebook doesn’t have, like the often asked for dislike button.

I will also be looking for volunteers to help moderate the site if it does start to gain popularity.

There is a good Facebook alternative called Social Cross that I am also on but it is very specific to a Christian user base.  I like Facebook like it is, but I don’t like their overtly Fascist censoring of anything conservative or law abiding.

You can view my profile and friend me on LifeBook right here:

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