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The Democrats have completely lost it, accusing Trump of being a traitor after the meeting with Putin.  Forgetting how both Obama and Hillary practically kissed the Russian’s butts all during the 8 years of the Obama administration.  Liberal hypocrisy at it’s finest, but I’m used to the vile hatred and idiotic stance of the left by now.  I certainly don’t expect them to respond to facts, rational thought or anything else that would indicate sentient intelligence or humanity from that side of the aisle.

So now we have the idiot sheep in this nation spouting off even more hate and anger towards our President.  They think they are on one side of a two-sided fight.  What they don’t realize is that we are not the Republican party.  We are the pissed off party and there is absolutely nothing that they can say or do that will slow down or stop the truth from finally being revealed.

The truth is that any Russian collaboration was conducted by the party of the left.  That is on the Democrats.  It’s also on the Republicans for allowing it to happen.

Fortunately, we have a President that is perfectly capable of taking out both parties if necessary.

I am still banned from Facebook by the thought police for stating that people who commit crimes, like Illegal aliens who violated one of our most sacred laws, the sovereignty of our nation, deserve  swift and extreme justice by our Federal law enforcement exactly like idiot tourists who walk up to feed a bear deserves to be eaten by that bear for their stupidity.

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The godless workers of lawlessness have been busy.

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