Mockery and the Bible

I saw a meme this morning that was claiming that mockery is not very Jesus like and proceeded to say that you cannot support Donald Trump and follow Jesus because the two are not the same.  That’s the most tongue in cheek meme I have seen in a long time.  The truth of the matter is that the bible is chock full of mockery.  I can think of four key examples just right off the top of my head.  Here, I will go through them for you.

In Exodus, G-d severely mocks the false gods of Egypt.  Each and every single plague was a slap in the face to anyone who believed in the Egyptian deities.  Turning water into blood for seven days in the Nile made a mockery of the Egyptian god Hapi, Egyptian god of the Nile. The plague of frogs was mocking Heket, the Egyptian goddess of fertility, water and renewal whose image was that of half human half frog.  Lice from the dust of the earth was a mockery of Geb, the Egyptian god of the earth.  The plague of flies made a mockery of Khepri, the Egyptian god of creation, movement of the Sun, rebirth, whose head was depicted as that of a fly.  The death of cattle and livestock mocked Hathor, the Egyptian god of love and protection, whose head was usually depicted as a cow.  Ashes turned to boils and sores made a mockery of Isis, the Egyptian goddess of medicine and peace.  Hail raining down from the sky was a mockery of Nut, the Egyptian goddess of the sky.  Locusts sent from the sky was a mockery of Seth, the Egyptian god of storms and disorder.  And finally, the ultimate slap in the face of the Egyptians, 3 days of unnatural darkness was a mockery of Ra, the Egyptian Sun god.  Once all the gods were mocked, Pharaoh the ultimate power of Egypt and worshiped as the head god, himself became the target of the mocking with the death of all firstborn.

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Then we have in 1 Samuel, who will eventually become King, David mocking the Philistines, “who is this uncircumcised Philistine?”  He proceeded to tell Goliath how the Lord was with him, that they would all be killed and their corpses fed to the birds afterwards.  Sounds like mocking to me.

Just a couple books later we have the prophet Elijah doing some mighty mockery.  Not only did he insult the pagans and their gods in 1 Kings, but he went the extra mile and dumped water onto his wood before calling upon the Lord and the fire appearing from the wet wood.

And after all this foundation of mockery is found in the Old Testament, we find Jesus mocking the Pharisees again and again and again in the New Testament.  And I tell you, Jesus comes off as a real smart butt in the way He chooses to mock them….and with every right to do so.

Like I said, the bible is chock full of mockery.  The difference between biblically sanctioned mockery and flesh based mockery is that the mocking done in the bible was done to those who despise and hate the Truth and are lovers of falsehood.  And that’s exactly what the Democratic party has become!  So Donald Trump has every right to mock them just as I have every right to mock them too.

So, to those who claim that mockery is not very Jesus like, are you sure we are reading from the same Bible?!?!?!?  Because mine gives all kinds of examples of some pretty awesome, inspiring mocking.

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update: another example I forgot…and this one is a classic example:

Another example I failed to mention that just popped into my head, Jonah. He was swallowed up by a large fish creature. People falsely think this was a whale, but that is not what scripture says. Why does it matter? Because the people he was to prophecy to worshiped a god that had the head of a fish. G-d was mocking them by having His own prophet spit up onto the shore by a monster fish like creature.

Mockery is a form of communication. It’s what you resort to when logic and reason are no longer an option for the people you are attempting to communicate with. It’s not something you resort to in intelligent debate when you are trying to win everyone over. At least that’s what you always hear.

It obviously won over the people Jonas spoke to as it served the purpose of getting their attention. The mocking of the 10 mainstream false gods of Egypt in Exodus won over a portion of the Egyptians who went with Israel out of Egypt. The mocking Isaiah did before the wet wood of his altar was set ablaze by the Lord convinced people who was actually Lord of everything. The mocking David did of the Philistines prepared the battlefield for what was about to go down. The mocking Jesus did of the Pharisees put them in their place and made people realize that they were walking in flesh and not in the Spirit of the Lord.

Donald Trump’s mockery will reveal the truth about the ones he mocks to those who would not have paid attention otherwise.

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Have eyes to see and ears to hear.



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