How would Jesus vote? Election 2018

I saw this meme on Facebook this morning and got a good laugh out of it.  Why, do you ask?  Well let me explain to you what the Bible says about Jesus and “Democracy”.

According to scripture, Heaven is a kingdom.  That means it has a King.  It also means there are no elections.  In fact, there is not even equality, but something akin to a feudal system where those who fail to teach His commandments to others are called least in heaven.  You see, the Temple, with it’s Holy of Holies, inner court, outer court and what’s outside the gates, is a description of the hierarchy of heaven.  Those outside the gates are the dogs, who practice witchcraft, drunkards, who defile themselves sexually and enchant with drugs, are lovers of falsehood.

According to scripture, Jesus will bring this kingdom rule down to earth for 1,000 years.  At that time, nations will come to participate in animal sacrifices and the Feasts, appointed times.  Those who do not shall die for their nations will suffer horrendous drought and famine, according to scripture.

Scripture goes on to say that Jesus will rule the nations with an iron rod and will shatter those who fail to follow Him like broken pottery.

Some could call this a dictatorship, but they would be wrong.  Because in a dictatorship, there is a group being oppressed by someone who must exert dominance over them.  First, one cannot be oppressed if one ceases to exist.  Second, Jesus doesn’t have to exert anything because this is not a relationship where one party’s rights are being oppressed by another.  In order to be oppressed, one must have rights to begin with and clay does not have rights in relationship to the potter.

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Yes, many shall be very surprised when they stand before the One True Jesus of scripture and realize He is not the false idol that they have been worshiping their entire lives, that they imagined Him to be rather than actually studying what scripture has to say about Him.

Heaven is a theocracy, not a democracy.  Democracy is a western mindset and one that even our forefathers knew not to go 100% into, which is why we are a Constitutional Republic and not a mob ruled Democracy.  Unfortunately, much of the Democratic party’s rhetoric up until now has been to display a mob rule mentality.  To obstruct our rightfully elected President from doing the job he was elected to do with as much power as they could muster.  With the outcome of this election apparent, it is important to note the reality of the situation and totally ignore the leftist, puffed up with leaven, media.

First, there was no blue wave.  That was a farce.  Losing control of Florida was not a blue wave.  Losing seats in traditionally Democratic states was not a win for the left.  Losing an election in Texas where they poured a record number of millions of dollars, completely shadowing Ted Cruz, was not a win.  Even gaining a majority in the House was not really a win for the left.  Watching the outcome progress last night, I realized that what we already knew about our nation was clearly being depicted.

We are not the United States of America, we are the Divided States of America.  This fact was depicted in just about every single election held last night.  Of all the shenanigans the left has done over the past two years, the billions of dollars they have wasted on election campaigns, and I say waste because they had to spend two to four magnitudes more than their conservative counterparts to buy votes, and still lost many key elections….of all of that, all they have to show for it is 26 seats in Congress above the right side of the aisle with 23 seats still uncalled as of today according to the Associated Press website.  They have a slim majority in the House.  And traditionally speaking, history was in their favor for winning the House, before they spent hundreds of millions of dollars and whatever other schemes they had concocted to win.

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With such a slim majority.  Democrats can choose to be obstructionists or work with our President to do their jobs and do the will of the People.  They did not win the power grab that they thought they would get and that means that they need to stop and reflect on things and perhaps, open their eyes to the fact that this Presidency is a legitimate one with anywhere from half the nation to a slight majority of the nation standing behind this President 100% no quorum about it.  That is true despite all of the mud slinging and vicious attacks of the left over the past two years.

This is the realistic view of the election outcome.

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