Jenny’s Musings

These are the newsletters of my late wife, Jenny Dickey, who passed away suddenly and completely unexpectedly on August 19th 2013.  We had a short season of just a few years where we were plucked out of our home church and transplanted a little over an hour away in an area where we never found a new home church to settle into.  It was during this season that our relationship with each other and our Lord and Savior blossomed into its fullest, until her life was cut prematurely short at the age of 35.  However, during this season, the Lord spoke to her quite often and the below newsletters that she sent out are the fruit of all that love the Lord was pouring out on her.  The first one was even used by the pastor who performed her funeral ceremony in Kansas.  I hope you find these as much of a blessing as many others have.

Through The Art of Plucking One’s Eyebrows

The Porch Light

Tipping The Scales

What Garments Are You Wearing

The Turtledove

Our Budgie

The Gaffer and His Pitcher

Mud Pies

New Moves