Statement of Faith

  1. There is only One G-d.  There is only One Word.  Neither changes.  To know G-d is to be united in Christ.  Division comes only from the presence of sin.
  2. His name is NOT Allah.  You can call Him Hashem, YahWeh/Jehovah, Elohim, El, El-Shaddah or any other name found in scripture, but do not call Him by a pagan name.
  3. This is not a Hebraic Roots site. You can glean truth from them, but no teaching is perfect.  Only His Holy Word is perfect.
  4. This is not a Messianic Jewish site.  We welcome our Jewish brothers and sisters in our journey into the arms of many Jewish people familiar with Hebraic traditions have a broader insight when it comes to understanding much of scripture.  But just as there were many factions of Judaism when Christ was ministering to them directly, there are many factions today in Judeo-Christianity.  This site is not here to Judaize anyone, but to usher in a deeper and richer knowledge of His Word.
  5. Yeshua (Jesus) is the Son of G-d and G-d in the flesh. He is the Jewish Messiah first to the Jews, and last to the Gentiles.
  6. The Laws of G-d (the mitzvah/Torah) have not been done away with, and will not be done away with until heaven and Earth passes away just as Jesus stated in the book of Matthew.
  7. Salvation is by grace alone through the blood of the Lamb, Yeshua/Jesus, and cannot be obtained through works/the law or by any other means.
  8. We are all condemned by the Law, our only hope of salvation is through the redeeming blood of Yeshua/Jesus..the lamb of G-d.
  9. If you are truly His, you will have a genuine desire to know Him and to know His Torah….His Instructions….His Commandments.  This doesn’t mean you become a Jew, become Messianic or that you start following the laws of Moses….it does mean you have a genuine desire to know Him, what He actually says in His instructions and that you follow them to the best of your ability every day of your life going forward….out of desire for a stronger relationship with Him….not to become more righteous, for righteousness only comes through His grace and mercy.
  10. To know His Word, requires studying it out.  This means not adhering only to a single English translation, such as the KJV or taking a single verse of scripture and forming a doctrinal belief from it.  Nor does it mean forming a belief based upon viewing scripture through a modern/cultural lens.  His Word never changes and addresses ALL issues…across ALL time.  We understand that the Bible was not originally written in English and requires both a touch of the Holy Spirit and a willingness to study the root writings of scripture to better understand them in their proper context.  We use common sense to understand scripture as well and do not apply pagan philosophical concepts to the interpretation of scripture.  It is not open to interpretation, but interprets itself, for the Word of G-d is a living Word…as it is literally Jesus in the flesh….and Jesus is G-d in the flesh.
  11. You cannot know what sin is without knowing His ways.  If you don’t know what sin is, you cannot truly repent of those sins and you are robbed of the opportunity of salvation through Yeshua/Jesus.  Get in the know.  Seek His Truth.
  12. There are no denominations in heaven.  This does not mean that all denominations are correct, because they are all wrong…to one degree or another.  Study to show yourself approved.  We are all at different levels in our walks with Christ and we do not condemn fellow repentant believers in their walk.  In His Kingdom, we are a nation…not a denomination.  His Word has final authority.